There was a time not all that long ago when a laptop and a smart phone were not required to conduct real estate.  It feels like that changed over night.  Now if you aren’t tech savvy you are losing business.  When I started my career I was in an office in the heart of downtown and people actually walked in to seek information.  This was a mere eight years ago.  Now 97% of the people looking for real estate begin their search online.

The internet has had a huge effect on how we conduct real estate, but it doesn’t stop there.  The internet has also had a profound effect on what we refer to as our “slow” season.  Summer time in Florida was a chance to kick back a bit, relax and perhaps plan a vacation.  Not so much now.  The internet knows no such season and as a result we stay busy year round.  Our northern friends have access to our market all of the time and they are online looking for deals.  Our roads may be less congested but the internet is going full speed.

I have moments when I long for those simpler days when we were not so dependent on technology but it is way of the world. It is adapt or go the way of the dinosaur.

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