Imagine if you will living in a home with no windows. Of course if you have stayed in a home with hurricane shutters in place you already have an idea. It’s like living in the bat cave. We just don’t enjoy being in the dark.

When I purchased my first personal computer there was no Windows Operating System, just DOS and no one outside the technology world had a clue what DOS was. When the screen came on it was a dark gray empty slate with a small C prompt. No icons, no color, no installed programs, no mouse, nothing. It was like TV with no remote; using it was a chore. The manuels were not much help unless you were a computer science major.

It didn’t take long for the companies trying to sell the PC concept to realize that they needed to make it easier for the mere mortals of the world to utilize and enjoy. It wasn’t long before we had Windows, Apples and Internet. Anything we wanted to know or see was just a click away.

Now, most of us can’t imagine our lives without computers. We use them for virtually everything feel a surge of panic when the power goes out. Ah light, it is a beautiful thing.

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